Still Good Insight

This from a Facebook post of past years. I believe it’s a great place to start reforming our interactions. Consider.

Friends, I just had an insight that I feel inclined to share. Without going through the process of observation and thought that lit this bulb in my head (a mundane series, actually), here’s the essence: We are each called to love and help all who are in our circle of contact (even this cyber circle). No, we cannot ignore the world’s suffering and the severe needs of our country; we must work together for a greater peace and social justice (churches and other organizations need our collective and individual help).

Yet, it is those nearest us who will more immediately and significantly feel/benefit from our help and influence. Obviously, this means family, coworkers and associates, those we deal with at the gas station, in the market place, etc. For those of us who are artists, performers, composers, conductors, educators, etc., it is obvious that we are in a position of great influence and sharing, through the gifts of art and knowledge. I hope that you will join me in this awareness, and we can make a tangible difference in lives all over the world during this Advent/Christmas/Hannukah/holiday season.