More on warming up…

The previous post on warming up has to do primarily with creating physical readiness. Know that the “warming up of the brain” is more important.

The initial approach to the singing voice must be characterized by thought and attitude that emphasize coordination and integration, fluidity of motion and stability of body, devoid of unnecessary tension. Anything that feels like tension or pressure is too much.

Spend a few minutes gently (not tentatively or guardedly) waking up the voice while¬†placing operative concepts of balance and freedom into the conciousness. The ultimate goal is to be “thoughtless,” but directed and helpful thoughts will allow the warm-up to be effective.

Must-See Video on Bel Canto

These two YouTube clips, featuring Sutherland, Horne, Pavarotti and Bonynge, simply must be viewed by all serious students of classical singing! So much is worth consideration and celebration in this informal discussion among artists at the peak of their careers. I cannot single out any one or two highlights, as I am fascinated by the entire clip. Both segments played sequentially take just over 16 minutes.

I suggest that you take the time to listen, concentrate and consider without interruption or distraction. The next step is to get to a practice room immediately and have some fun with your own voice! Enjoy…