Vocal Health/Recovery

For the singer, it can be upsetting and confusing to encounter anything from a simple cold or sinus drainage to more serious illnesses affecting the voice.  In fact, one must not forget that any illness can affect his/her singing, even if the condition is not specific to the throat or respiratory system.  Since singing requires coordination of various physical and mental processes, a great chain reaction of interrelated events goes on, below the level of conscious control.

Every runny nose does not dictate that the singer go on vocal silence (more on “vocal silence” later).  In general, though, the body sends a message with pain; that message is usually, “Leave me alone!”

Once the singer is in better health and resumes practicing, he/she must not forget that a period of retraining and recovery of sensation is to be expected.  The voice will not respond normally for some time–even if the mechanism is back to a state of normalcy, with no swelling, etc.  Don’t get frustrated and think you have forgotten how to sing.  Remember:

In learning to sing well, patience is not only a virtue, it is a must!

1 thought on “Vocal Health/Recovery

  1. I’m beginning to come to the conclusion that illness may just be an opportunity to investigate things one may have been ignoring or avoiding (in terms of diction, translation, dramatic context, etc.). It is also an excellent opportunity to practice patience!


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