Snow Day

Wonderful words: snow and day.  I will enjoy this day, as I am reminded that one of my favorite things about life here in the Northeast is to be snowed in–able to stay warm, enjoy extra coffee, get caught up on a few tasks, watch a movie, maybe even practice (there’s a thought!), and begin to develop the blogging life. Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound like a lot for one day?

My style here will evolve, but I intend to create relatively short posts, in no particular order; each entry will have a particular focus — singing, teaching, learning, and/or life. I won’t try to be profound or profane, nor will I try to dazzle you with intellect.  I will attempt to be both honest and spontaneous; remember, I like to think out loud.  One final disclaimer: my writing here will not be in scholarly style, nor am I obligated to document everything.  I will freely mix documented truth, the comments/writing of others, my own experience and my opinions.  Remember that!

If you are new to reading WordPress, know that you should consult “Recent Posts” and “Archives” to browse.  Make an entry in the “Search” box and you will see a post that contains that term, though it won’t be highlighted.  Moving on…

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